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Why is it that I photograph?

* Photography is my medium of expressive art and my interest is in photography of extreme landscapes, the human condition (faces), and abstracts (close-up shots of everyday objects).

* Photography is my passion - it is how I see my world and make sense of it.
* Photography is my bliss-station - I am happiest when involved with it and when teaching it to others interested in learning about it.

* And Photography is my vehicle for helping making our world a better place by promoting tolerance and acceptance of 'all' people - for when people view my photographs (and do not know who I am or how I look like or that I speak with a slight accent or that I come from another country) - all they see is pure beauty - untinted by the biases and labels people sometimes are prone to put on in a hurry ...

I started photographing years ago because I needed to busy my mind with something creative.
I photograph now simply because and so that I can be understood.

Questions: e-mail me at -

Peace and blessings,
Parv Sethi

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